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Title: One Small Step Part 1
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Word Count: 412
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No Sex…yet
Challenge: Day 3 Blowing it off!
Author's Notes: Two Redheads and a Wolf doesn’t belong to me…it’s a spa product company north of the Cheddar Curtain (Illinois/Wisconsin border).

“Malfoy.” Harry nodded as Draco stepped into the lift.


“Here on business?” Harry asked after a long pause.

“No, pleasure.  They’ve opened a brothel on level five didn’t you know?”

Harry snorted. “Thought it didn’t open until the New Year.”

Draco chuckled.  “Some Head Auror you are.”

Harry grinned.  He’d crossed paths with Malfoy over the years, Ministry Balls, Teddy’s birthdays and occasional Christmas celebration.  They hadn’t exactly avoided each other, but neither were they best mates.

“Do you want to get a drink?” The words were out of Harry’s mouth before he could think.

“What?”  Draco shook his head as if it was full of cotton wool.

“A drink. You and me.  If you don’t have plans.  I know a good place.”

Draco nodded slowly. “Sure, but you’re buying.”

Another snort escaped Harry.  “Malfoy coffers running dry?”

“No, they are not because I make everyone else pay for drinks.” Draco grinned and then faded suddenly. “Tell me you don’t mean the Leaky?”

“Actually, I didn’t.  The food there is great though since Hannah took over.  The place I was thinking of is two streets over Two Redheads and a Wolf.”

“A Weasley run establishment?” Draco’s eyes widened.

“Weasley’s aren’t the only gingers in the UK you know

They stepped outside into the street.  Draco shivered. Harry cast a quick warming charm and grasped Draco’s arm and without asking Apparated them away.

The pub was full of the after-work crowd, but Harry secured a small table and ordered immediately.

“You might consult your guest, Potter.”

“If you don’t like it you can order something else, but I can almost guarantee you’ll like it.”

The ales were delivered along with onion strings, sweet and spicy nuts and beer and cheese dip with soft pretzels. They talked between bites and a second round of ales were ordered.  The talking became less awkward.  Soon the food was gone along with the second drink.

Draco stood first.  “This was surprising nice, Potter. I promised mother I’d stop by tonight

Harry stood as well and dropped some galleons on the table.  “Let me see you out.  I have a bit of holiday shopping that needs doing.”

They wove they’re way through the large crowd and into the street.

“I hope we can do with again.”  Harry said as the cold nipped at his nose. A handshake didn’t seem right. Impulsively, he leaned in and kissed Draco’s cheeks in the French manner.

The blonde whispered.  “Me too.”


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