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Title: One Small Step (Part 2)
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Word Count:574
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No sex
Challenge: Still ignoring it…Day 4

Harry pushed the door on room 504 at St. Mungo’s open.  “Hey Teds.”

Brown-haired Teddy looked back with a sad smile.  “Hey Harry.”

“So skateboarding, huh? In December.”

Teddy cringed.  “Yeah.”

“Ever done that before?” Harry asked as he tugged the end of the blanket straight.

“No.” Was the sullen reply.

“Chicks dig scars.”  Harry grinned.

“Like you’d know.”  Teddy grinned back. “Sorry for messing up Christmas.”

“It’s not messed up just rearranged, not very artfully.” Patted the bony shoulder.

“But the Weaseley’s, we should be there already. And they told gran I wouldn’t be out of here until late afternoon tomorrow at the earliest. I’ll miss Christmas!” Teddy grumbled.”

“We’ll just have Christmas on Boxing Day.”  Harry assured the annoyed teenager.

“But usually, I get two Christmas’ one with you and one with Aunt Cissa and Draco.”

Harry chuckled.  “It’s still the same number of presents.”

“Yeah, but it’s usually twice the food.”

“If I hadn’t known your mother I’d say you were related to Uncle Ron instead.  Tell you what. I’ll sneak some leftovers from Grandma Molly in the morning so you won’t miss too much.”

Teddy grinned.  “Don’t forget I like the…”

“Mince pies.  I know.  You’ve said that every year since you were three.”

“Yeah, but I really like them.”

They both laughed.

“Kiss your gran for me and tell her I’ll be back in the morning.  Owl me if you need anything, ok?” Harry tousled the now aqua coloured hair.


Harry was back at the hospital by seven am.

“Harry it’s too early.”  Teddy groaned.

“Grandma Molly sent a ridiculous amount of food. I figured you could still sleep whilst I set up.”

“Food?!”  Teddy sat up abruptly.

Harry snatched up a piece of bacon and a shortbread and munched away as Teddy attacked the heaping tray of food.

Boxing Day began with an early lunch with Narcissa and Draco also in attendance.  Teddy ate heartily as only a fourteen-year-old could. By midafternoon all the presents were opened and Teddy had almost nodded off on the sofa.

“I’m awake.” He insisted.

Harry smiled.  “Skele-a-grow always made me sleepy for a few days.  I’m sure your gran could use a bit of a rest as well.”

“We should really be going.” Narcissa began.

“Draco, if you don’t have any other plans perhaps you’d like to attend the charity auction at Quality Quidditch this afternoon.”

The sisters smiled at each other.

“I had intended to go anyway.” Draco responded.

“Great!” Harry grinned. “Come on it starts in about an hour and we want a good spot and to be able to browse the offerings.”

Before Harry could Apparate them together Draco was gone with a pop. Harry followed immediately.

The shop was noisy and full and everyone appeared to grand time.  The signed memorabilia included everything from kneepads to brooms.  Harry bought several Chudney Cannons’ items and outbid several serious collectors for the Puddlemere United signed seekers broom.

As they stumbled into the street Harry asked “Would you like to go get some tea?”

“Sorry, Potter.  I have a potion brewing at demands my attention within the hour.”

“Oh, ok. Here.” Harry thrust the broom at Draco.

Draco blinked rapidly.

“United is your team, right?”  Harry asked.

“Yes.” Draco croaked, his eyes wide.

“Happy Christmas, Draco.” Harry leaned in.

“This one better not be on the cheeks.”

Harry made certain it wasn’t. Someone or maybe both moaned.


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