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Title: One Small Step (Part 3)
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Word Count: 512
Rating: R
Warnings: No Sex
Challenge: Still not listening…lol

Harry barely had the window open when the eagle-owl nudged his way past and held out a talon.  Only Malfoy could have an owl with this much attitude.  He quickly untied the parchment and turned to find an owl treat.  The bird and other ideas and nicked a piece of chicken off his plate and was out the window. Harry chuckled as he unrolled the note.

I am happy to see you were not actually raised by wolves and know the proper way to as a man out on a date.  Some of us do need more than a moment’s notice.  That said, I would be happy to attend the Quidditch match.
I’ll expect you promptly at the manor’s gate at 5pm.
D. Malfoy</i>

Harry grinned. 

Draco shivered.  “Why Argentina?”

“Because it’s warm there, I know you like Quidditch and it’s the only match this Saturday.  Oh, by the way Happy New Year.”  Harry hooked pulled Draco to him.  “Hang on.”

They were gone.

“What the hell, Potter?  Where are we? Merlin it’s warm.”

“Buenos Aires, well the outskirts.  Quidditch stadium to your left over there.” Harry pointed.

“We didn’t just Apparate…”

“Yeah, we did.”

“Potter that’s over six thousand miles, that’s not possible, that’s…”

“Malfoy…Draco it’s not normal, but it is normal for me.” Harry cast a cooling charm and then stared down at his shoes.

“Who knows this?” Draco whispered.

Harry shrugged. “Kingsley, Hermione.”

“Fuck, Potter.  I…I’m…All the blood is rushing south and I’m half hard already.”

Harry laughed.  “Come on.  Let’s walk before your brain loses too much blood.  We need sustenance for the match.” He grasped Draco’s hand and guided him towards the vendors.

They ended up with choripán (sausage sandwiches), empanadas (goat and vegetable and cheese), alfajores (shortbread biscuits), ice cream with dulce de leche, and beer.  It was wrapped up and shrunken as they made their way to their seats.

The weather was perfect, the match was excellent especially since they didn’t have a favorite team to cheer for. Harry regularly touched Draco’s hand and leg.  They hugged twice during a pair of really exciting goals. Draco’s nose was pink from the sun by the time the match ended. Harry held tightly to Draco’s hand as they made their way out into the open areas around the stadium.

Draco yawned.

“Ready to go?” Harry smiled.

“Sorry.  It’s really not that late.”

“It’s already eleven p.m. in London.  Fresh air and sun we’re not used to it.”  Harry wrapped his arms around Draco.  “Ready?”

Draco nodded.

A moment later they were at the manor’s gates in the chill of January. Harry cast a quick warming charm.

“Thank you for a lovely day.” Harry hugged Draco close and whispered.

“You could come in.”

“Not this time.  I’m going to give you a very through kiss and watch you walk to the door.”

“We could kiss there.”  Draco nodded toward the door.

“I fear the audience.”

“Mother wouldn’t…oh, yes she would.”

His words were swallowed by a pair of warm lips and promised more each time they touched.


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