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Title: One Small Step (Part 4)
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Word Count: 552
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No Sex
Challenge: Still not listening…lol



Draco leaned back in his seat. “So, Potter how did you manage this?  Previous reservation with someone who didn’t make headlines in the Prophet? Trading on the whole Saviour of the Wizarding World thing?”

Harry laughed and brought his arm up behind Draco’s shoulders.  “I think it’s about time you try calling me Harry.  No, this was not a previous reservation. And I didn’t ask special consideration, I just said my name was Harry Potter.”

The gondola continued along the lazy facsimile of The Grand Canal. The faux sky had darkened during their ride.

“Look.”  Draco pointed.  “It’s me.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Did you plan that?”  Draco demanded.

“Draco, I try to be thoughtful but that level of detail escapes me.”

The gondola stopped and the gondolier indicated the small gate at the landing.  A hostess joined them and led them to their table.  It appeared as if they were still outdoors with the sky above and the Grand Canal within view.  The menu was rustic and Harry differed to Draco in ordering.

“Are you certain?”  Draco asked.

“Of course, I trust you.  After all you a trusted me on goat Saturday.”

Draco ordered a bottle of Soave, Baccala mantecato (creamed dried cod spread), risi e bisi, and bigoli en salsa (a sauce of onions and cured fish over pasta). “I couldn’t decide so I ordered three starters I thought we could share.”

They had almost finished all the food and wine before Draco asked. “Why now Harry?”

“Why now what?”

“Why ask me out now?  The war’s been over almost fifteen years.”

The server came up and asked about pudding.  They both chose tiramisu.

“Well, first I had to figure out what I wanted.  It turned out not to be girls, that was a good five years of torment. Then when I decided to jump into dating men, you were engaged to Astoria.  Once you had broken off with her you went through your blue period.”

Draco snorted. “My blue period?”

“That’s what Hermione called mine when I went out with a ton of different blokes.  Mine was a little less exhibitionistic than yours I think.  Then I was off dating for a couple of years and then you appeared as if by magic in my lift a few weeks ago.”

Their sweets were delivered and they both tucked in.

“Your lift?”  Draco teased.

“Yeah, didn’t you see the sign?  Fit Blokes Only.” Harry grinned.

Draco smiled slowly.

Harry stood and held out a hand. “Come on.  I’m about to go snog you senseless outside in front of a dozen crazed paparazzi.  We’ll make the morning paper.  That means that this weekend’s date will have to be something where we can have all of our friends.  I’m sure both sides will be quite outraged and make various threats.”

“I don’t object to making the front page of the Prophet, but I’m not sure about letting our friends have a say yet.” Draco worried his bottom lip.

“Mine will have their say either way.  I just don’t have to listen.  If you think getting them together at this stage will result in the third Wizarding War of our generation…I bow to your wisdom.”

Draco nodded.  “Thank you.  Now lead the way and let the snogging begin.  Remember I photograph best from the l



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