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Title: One Small Step (Part 5)
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Word Count: 594
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No Sex
Challenge: Still not listening…lol

“Scared, Malfoy?”

“You wish!” That’s what he’d said when Harry asked him on this date. Draco regretted it, but he’d said it so here he was on a frozen ice rink in front of the Natural History Museum in Muggle London.
“Lace up tight, not so tight you don’t have circulation in your feet though.”

“It’s bloody freezing, I can’t feel my feet anyway.” Draco grumbled.

“Come on. Stand up. When we move you’ll get warmer.”

“Couldn’t we have the mulled wine first?”

Harry laughed.  “Not unless you want to spend the entire time on your arse on the ice.”

Draco was up on his feet and wobbled.  “You don’t understand.  The house-elves did all my falling for me.”

Harry let out a great bark of a laugh. “Now you’re just trying to get me to land on my arse!”

Draco grinned. “Slytherin.”

They held hands as they made their way slowly around the perimeter of the rink. Children whizzed by and laughed. Harry’s cheeks hurt more from smiling than from the sting of the cold.

After about an hour, Draco begged.  “Could we be done now, please?”

“Sure.  Let’s go get our skates off and get you that mulled wine.”

“Oh Potter, I am not so cheap as a mere mulled wine.  I will need a hot chocolate and biscuits and anything else they have on the menu.” Draco plopped down on a bench and tore at his laces.

Within minutes they were inside overlooking the rink.  An order had been placed for everything on the menu, not long after it was all delivered.  Draco sipped his wine and dipped his biscuits in the hot chocolate.

“It really is pretty.” He noted as they looked at the ice.  “I’m certain I looked like the ice prince with my hair and eyes and that ice all under those sparkly lights.” Draco smirked.

Harry chuckled. “I’m sure we could get you a position as Ice Prince and you could greet all the skaters personally as you stand out in the cold.”

“Shut up!” Draco grinned as he stuffed a mini cake into his mouth.

“Do you think maybe we could give some of this food away?” Harry waved his hand above the overfilled table.

“Ok, but not the biscuits or the little cakes and I’d like another wine.”
Harry chuckled.  “Not too demanding are you?”

A group of teenagers entered the café. Harry waived them over.

“Would you mind taking some of these sandwiches and crisps off of our hands. We might have over ordered.”

The group eagerly cleared the table as Draco protectively held his ground on the sweets. They stayed and sipped their drinks until closing time.

“Are you going to ask me to your place for a nightcap.”  Draco inquired.

Harry took them to an empty hallway where they Apparated to the manor. He pushed his hands into Draco’s coat pockets.  “I’d love to but, sadly this Head Auror has weekend duty and that starts at seven a.m..”

“Doesn’t the Head Auror have certain privileges?” Draco wheedled as he kissed Harry’s neck.

“Sure, but it also means that his underlings are a nosy bunch of buggers and if he was late they’d be all over Grimmauld Place.  I don’t fancy them seeing my naked arse or any of my other bits out for show.”

Draco chuckled into Harry’s shoulder.

“Come on one long lovely kiss, with no parents, co-workers or the press watching.” Harry requested.

Draco took matters into his own hands and lips and legs entwined. It was perfect.


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