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Title: One Small Step (Part 7)
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Word Count: 337
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No Sex
Challenge: Still not listening…lol




Harry snorted.  Spaghetti seduction he’d only done it twice, but it had a name.  After his first few disasters with man who wanted to just have sex with the boy who lived, he now took a few more dates before he thought about initiating sex. Spaghetti was a little messy and not necessarily sophisticated. He thought that a little playfulness and a disregard for staying perfectly tidy weren’t bad traits in a companion.  Draco wasn’t outwardly the messy type, but he seemed more relaxed and open to experiences. Harry was nervous about this one.  This grown-up Draco Malfoy was someone he could take home to his adopted mom, or aunt.  His thoughts were dangerous.


The water was boiling, the wine was opened and the garlic bread was in the oven when the floo chimed. Harry hurried to open it.  Draco stepped out.  He looked better than anyone should in such casual outfit.


“What no greeting?”  Draco drawled.


“Sorry, no one else has ever made my sitting room look so good.”  Harry stepped forward.


“That was really bad, Potter.”


Harry laughed and took Draco’s hands.  “Welcome to my home. Would you like a glass of wine?”


“Of course.” Draco answered smoothly and followed Harry into the kitchen.


Harry poured the wine and dropped the spaghetti into the water.


Draco sipped his drink. “You cook?  Don’t you have a house-elf?”


“Actually, I do.  I usually cook for myself though.  Tink tends to the cleaning, mainly.  She wasn’t the house-elf that come with the house, but that’s a different story.”


“This is the old Black house, right?” Draco asked as he took in the kitchen and the attached lounge.


“Yeah, Sirius Black my godfather left it to me.”


“I think I might have been here once or twice as a child, it didn’t look like this.” Draco shook his head.


“That too, is another story.”


“So, you have much to tell me unless you plan out acting out that muggle film with the dogs and the spaghetti.”


Harry turned pink.





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