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Hello, awesome people!


We have now entered June and I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in this year's challenge! You guys are absolutely brilliant!

Two participants managed 31 posts and daily posting:


[personal profile] alisanne and [personal profile] torino10154


These two also followed the suggested pairings on all days but one. This is not the first time you have managed this and you keep on impressing me! Congratulations!


The main activity was still on Livejournal this year, but there are 5 posts on Dreamwidth that aren't crossposted to the other platforms, so please visit the masterlist for any posts you might have missed.


Here are some fun stats from this year's challenge:

  • 14 participants

  • 163 fics

  • 4 pieces of art

  • total word count: 100964

  • between 70-80 different pairings/threesomes/moresomes

  • longest fic: The Good We Oft Might Win by weatherfeather [profile] weatherfeather, 3061 words

  • highest word count: [personal profile] alisanne with 20598 words

  • 2nd highest word count: [personal profile] lrthunder with 18272

  • 3rd highest word count: [personal profile] felixfvlicis with 15023

  • most impressive catch-up: [personal profile] sempreme123 with 13 posts the last 2 days

  • most featured pairing: Harry/Draco (used in 40 posts by 7 different people)


Participant list:


[personal profile] alisanne



[personal profile] digthewriter



[personal profile] emansil



[personal profile] felixfvlicis



[personal profile] gracerene



[personal profile] lightofdaye



[personal profile] lq_traintracks



[personal profile] lrthunder



[personal profile] nimrod_9



[personal profile] sempreme123



[personal profile] shadowycat



[personal profile] torino10154


[profile] weatherfeather


[personal profile] xochiquetzl



A special thanks goes to

[personal profile] nimrod_9 for keeping this challenge going all month!


I've just been lurking in the background working on spreadsheets and tags while Nim did all the posting this year. Thank you so much!




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As all time zones are now well into the month of June, I guess it's time for a little statistic and wrap-up post.

I must say I'm deeply impressed by you guys. The participation was way above my expectations, and it makes me so happy to see that people have really thrown themselves into this challenge and created so much amazing fic and art.

This year was our 5th year running this fest, and we had 16 participants.
[ profile] _melodic_
[ profile] akatnamedeaster
[ profile] alisanne
[ profile] burnin_up_a_sun
[ profile] digthewriter
[ profile] gracerene
[ profile] josephinestone
[ profile] kitty_fic
[ profile] lightofdaye
[ profile] llaeyro
[ profile] mayorhaggar
[ profile] nimrod_9
[ profile] sdkshelly
[ profile] snapealina
[ profile] sweetsorcery
[ profile] torino10154

An extra shoutout goes to the five who managed daily posting, which I think is the highest number yet.
[ profile] _melodic_, [ profile] alisanne, [ profile] digthewriter, [ profile] gracerene, and [ profile] torino10154
Congratulations! You are all brilliant! three of these followed our suggested pairings the entire month, that's remarkable!

Below follows some random stats:

  • ETA: total word count was 175800 (give or take a few words)

  • 16 participants

  • 5 participants managed daily posting

  • 3 writers followed our suggested pairings every single day

  • 269 posts

  • 2 artists

  • 5 pieces of art

  • 84 different pairings

  • 13 threesomes

  • 1 Slytherin orgy

  • The most popular ship was by far Harry/Draco with 67 posts by 9 different participants

  • 55 ships were only used once

  • [ profile] sweetsorcery had the highest average word count (1891)

  • [ profile] kitty_fic wrote next-gen ships in all their posts

  • [ profile] digthewriter had the highest word count (23k), wrote the longest post (4900 words), and was also the only person to create both fic and art

In case some of you feel they have a story or a series they haven't wrapped up yet, I hope you will still pay some attention to this community the next few days. Even if we have entered June.

I hope you enjoyed playing in the hp_may_madness. Who knows, we might be back next year if people still want to play...

Thank you so much for playing! nim and I are so proud of you all!

- snapealina
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Hello, all you amazing people!

I must say I'm seriously impressed what you all have managed to do this month!

I've been working a masterlist, which you can find here, and I've written down some more or less fascinating and useless stats.

HP May Madness 2014

  • 17 different participants (see full list at the end)

  • 217 entries

  • over 77 different pairings and moresomes

  • 13 pieces of art

  • over 124000 words

The most popular pairings this year were:

  1. Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

  2. Severus Snape/Harry Potter

  3. Severus Snape/Sirius Black

  4. Remus Lupin/Sirius Black

  5. Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger

  6. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

  7. Luna Lovegood/Draco Malfoy

4 participants managed daily posting of at least 200 words:
[ profile] alisanne
[ profile] katekintail
[ profile] nimrod_9
[ profile] torino10154

Give them a big round of applause! I'm so proud of all of you!

I'd also like to mention some participants who I feel deserve some extra recognition

[ profile] imera managed to write 29 entries (and post 26 of them) during the month and had by far the highest word count of all with 39146 words. [ profile] imera also had the longest entry (2692 words).

[ profile] akatnamedeaster was the only artist to participate this year, and we've enjoyed the wonderful and hot sketches so very much! *fans self*

[ profile] lightofdaye came out of nowhere on day 21 with the story "Unexpected". Best (unintended?) pun of the year!

Last, but not least, my hero, [ profile] nimrod_9!
I see my name on a lot of prompt posts this year, but the truth is [ profile] nimrod_9 has been doing 99% of the work this time and on top of that managed daily posting! I bow down before you!

Thank you all for playing with us. You are BRILLIANT! Give yourself a pat on the back and some well-deserved rest after this madness. Icons will be up soon.


Full participant list: [ profile] akatnamedeaster, [ profile] alisanne, [ profile] digthewriter, [ profile] emynn, [ profile] flipflop_diva, [ profile] imera, [ profile] inkgeist, [ profile] katekintail, [ profile] lightofdaye, [ profile] lilyeyes, [ profile] nimrod_9, [ profile] sara_lakali, [ profile] sassy_cat, [ profile] secretlypadfoot, [ profile] snapealina, [ profile] torino10154, [ profile] unbroken_halo
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Hello everyone

Yes, we know we're a month late with this announcement, but this is madness, and one can't be predictable when it comes to madness, right? Right?

Anyway, we are happy to inform you that we had 20 people playing this year and a total of 178 entries. You guys rock! Give yourselves a big hand! *clap clap clap clap*

Three people deserves an extra round of applause:
[ profile] katekintail, [ profile] unbroken_halo and [ profile] snapesgirl/[ profile] snapesgirl62
These guys managed to post daily and were the only 3 participants to post 31 installments!

Participant list:
[ profile] katekintail
[ profile] snapesgirl/[ profile] snapesgirl62
[ profile] unbroken_halo

[ profile] akatnamedeaster
[ profile] kissaweasley
[ profile] nimrod_9
[ profile] gamma_x_orionis
[ profile] nathalieweasley
[ profile] snapealina
[ profile] tamlane
[ profile] notearchiver
[ profile] shadowycat
[ profile] nishe_w
[ profile] blossomdreams
[ profile] sassy_kat
[ profile] twisted_slinky
[ profile] nathaniel_hp
[ profile] nevrafire
[ profile] turntimeturner
and our latecomer: [ profile] arjd

Icons for everyone will, hopefully, soon be posted.

We have also created some sort of master list/spreadsheet if someone is interested in links to the entries.

We urge everyone who has a vacant moment this summer to check out some more of the entries. Good work deserves readers and comments!

We wish everyone a good summer, and we hope we will see you again next year (if not sooner).

Lots of love from your mods, [ profile] nimrod_9 and [ profile] snapealina
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Hello everyone

We got 130 entries this month with over 80 different pairings from 14 different participants. That's really amazing!

The day with most activity was 31st of May with 11 entries. (1st of May came second with 10 entries).

We had no entries on 23rd of May.

Although no participants managed daily posting we have two winners who managed the requirement of 31 instalments of at least 200 words.


Put your hands together for ...  )


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