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Title: A Convenience (Part 2)
Characters or Pairing: Harry/Severus
Word Count: 325
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: pure smut
Challenge: Day 3: biting, Weekly Challenge: This is lust not love…isn't it?
Author's Notes: unbeta'd

"Really, Potter, one would think that you'd never had your thigh nibbled," Severus whispered against his neck, making Harry curve his body closer, wanting to press his entire body against him. "You really are a wanton little thing; aren't you? You want this so much. You want me to take you…to enjoy you until you beg me to touch your cock. Isn't that right?"

Harry could hear the words, somewhere in his mind he knew what they meant, but all he could feel was the throbbing of the bite marks that Severus had left on his neck, his thigh and his bum. Every time Severus pushed into him, Harry pushed back to feel the burn and to get as close as possible.

Severus had made him beg for all of it, and Harry had. Oh, he had. He'd thought being filled was the best feeling that he'd ever experience but being bitten… Dear Merlin, being bitten had nearly made him come too soon.

Severus gentled his thrusts, and Harry knew that if he wanted to keep things rough, he had to answer. He reached up and tugged Severus' hair, pulling his head down to whisper against his mouth. "Yeah, yeah, I want it all. Want you so badly. Want to feel you in me and have your teeth on me again."

Severus kissed him hard then started to thrust so relentlessly that Harry's shoulder was hitting the headboard. Harry would have grumbled, but before he could, Severus was tugging his cock and biting down on his other shoulder and Harry was coming hard, splattering his release all over.

Severus dug his fingers into Harry's hips and drove his cock into him, impaling him like he'd never get the chance to be that deep inside a man again. Harry revelled in that kind of want. He wanted to feel it again and again—to be the person who stirred that kind of passion. He wanted to keep Severus.


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