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Title: He’s Said This Before
Pairing: Snarry
Word Count:496
Warnings: I’m not much of a Snarry’er so beware.  Set 1 year after DH – EWE (I’m a Snupin shipper so that whole epilogue thing…nope)
Challenge: May 1 – Severus Snape/Harry Potter


Harry continued to knock the dilapidated door on the house a Spinner’s End.  It, finally, flung open.




“Oh good, you remember me then.”  Harry brushed past into the room.


“I didn’t say come in.” Severus turned and scowled.


“You haven’t responded to any of my owls.”  Harry stated.


“I’ve been busy.  I have a business that I’m attempting to get off the ground.”


“I have a life I’m trying to get off the ground!  It’s been three-hundred-sixty-five days.” Harry crowded the man back toward the door.




“Nope, time for talking is over.”  Severus’ back hit the door and Harry pounced and kissed him hard.


Severus struggled.


Harry pulled back. “NO! You wouldn’t talk about it before and we’re not going to talk about it now.  I’ve spent the last year learning what to do with a man and now I intend to put it into practice.”


“And I don’t have a say?”  Severus drawled.


“You said it all with your memories.  A picture is worth a thousand words and all that!  Do you know why I got worse at Potions instead of better? Do you?  Try being a fifteen year old with a hard-on during every single Potions class period. Your voice went straight to my prick and double Potions.”  Harry sighed.  “My pants did not forgive me for that.”  Harry dove in for another kiss and insinuated a thigh between his ex-Professors legs.  After a few moments he was confident he had got the reaction he wanted.


“Now, I’m going to snog you some more and then find out if someone can actually learn to give a blowjob from a book.” Harry latched onto Severus’ mouth again and found a hipbone to rub his prick against. Sinewy arms pulled him closer. Harry reached between them and fondled the other man’s prick and they continued their kiss. Finally, he pulled back and gasped for air.


Harry shoved his other hand between them and fumbled with Severus’ trouser fastening.


“Harry…”  Severus croaked.


“Yes!”  Harry was triumphant as he had managed to undo both of their zips. 


“Harry…”  Severus said more sternly.


Harry’s prick jumped.  “I promise.  Next time you can cream my face. I just have to…” He freed both pricks from their respective pants and wanked them together.  This was something he knew how to do.  He could make it good. His mouth found Severus’ again.  What he couldn’t do was last.  He tried all his best wanking tricks, all too soon he succumbed to his own tactics with a groan he let loose and he pulsed cream all over his hand and Severus’ prick. His face buried in Severus’ neck.  Severus gasped and Harry felt the satisfying warmth of another mess added to his own.  He grinned against Severus’ collarbone, lesson one: cream all over a guy’s prick and he might not be able to resist.


The husky voice rumbled in his ear “You’re going to be the death of me yet, Potter.”









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