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Love/Lust is in the air every day in May

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Name:Love/Lust or just friends is in the air every day
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Community description:Harry Potter Drabbles during the month of May
An HP challenge community. The goal: write and post 200 words per day for the month of May (drawables are, of course, welcome). It is spring (in the northern hemishpere) and love/lust is in the air so we'd love to see couples (threesomes, moresomes) as opposed to genfic. All pairings are welcome because the more the merrier!! There will be daily challenges and prompts. You aren't required to use them. You can write one long story, thirty-one short stories or anything in between. We'd love to say there is a prize at the end...fabulous fanwork deserves it...icons will probably be your reward. Oh, and eternal glory, of course.


1. 200 word minimum

2. Please put everything under a cut

3. Use the following header or at least one that includes your name, pairing and rating.
Characters or Pairing:
Word Count:
Author's Notes: If you're writing a series of drabbles rather than one that stands alone, please say so in your author's notes.

4. No pairing bashing.

5. Have fun. (yes, we mean it!)

Disclaimer: You know these characters aren't ours, we're not making any money so please don't bother suing.
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