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Title: A Different Tactic
Pairing: Pansy/Blaise
Word Count: 304
Rating: R
Warnings: No actual sex, unrequited lust/love
Challenge: Day 2 – food smut

Pansy wasn’t finished, not by a long shot.  Their second annual Slytherin reunion classes of ’97,’98 and ’99 was in full swing.  Last night had been cocktails and nibbles.  Blaise had ignored her entirely and she’d been trussed up like a Christmas goose.  Her tits had almost smothered her for Merlin’s sake.

This morning, she attempted a subtler approach, a low-cut top without a pushup bra. Brunch was not a place where one needed to be gauche.  Blaise and Draco where refilling their glasses with what appeared to be gin and orange juice. She made a beeline in their direction.  Draco was all hugs and complaints about the lack of decent hangover potions; Blaise gave a mumbled Pans and looked past here again.

She grabbed Draco’s glass and chugged it in one go.  A woman could only take so much and her careful plan flew out the window.  She then stalked to the nearest fruit bowl and seized a banana and peeled it.  A moment later she was back in front of Blaise and Draco with the banana stuffed between her tits.  She looked Blaise in the eye and then tilted her head down and took the banana into her mouth until her face was buried in her tits.  Her tongue swirled around it as she raised her head.

Draco guffawed loudly and Blaise’s cheeks flushed darkly. Just to make her point, she did it again.

“Pans…” Blaise stuttered.
“Yes, Blaise.”


“At least you’re looking at me.”

“I never thought…I mean…we’re friends…right?”  Blaise’s forehead wrinkled.

Pansy grinned slyly.  “We could be more, couldn’t we?”

“If you lose the banana, I’ll probably be able to sit in about ten minutes.  Perhaps we could find a table for two?”

“Nice Gryffindor move Pans.”  Draco chuckled.

Pansy grinned.  “Shut up, it worked didn’t it?”


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