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Title: One Small Step (Part 6)
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Word Count:
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No Sex or even Draco it’s a bridge to the next part (I hope the mods aren’t too strict)
Challenge: Still not listening…lol



Harry knew that he could get away with not going to the Burrow for Sunday dinner, but he could not get away with not visiting Hermione and Ron when the shift ended. He purchased several pints of ice cream from Fortescue’s:  Rose’s current favourite fairy pink swirl, Hermione’s caramel coffee toffee, Ron’s everything but , and a couple of random flavors that the server suggested.


Hermione squealed, kissed his cheek and dragged him into the house all in one movement. Rose came flying around the corner, naked and wet with her father trailing behind.


“Rose, you need to finish your bath.”  Hermione admonished.


“But Hawwy, i’ ceem.”


“Yes, Uncle Harry brought ice cream and it will still be here as soon as you get the soap out of your hair, are dried off and have your pyjamas on.”


“Hey mate, did you happen to bring…”


“Yes, Ron I got your favourite too. Now go finish bathing your daughter so your wife can grill me before Rose “I’m all ears” Weasley returns.”


Ron chuckled and headed for the splashing sounds.


Hermione already had her pint opened and had a spoon stuck in it. “So snogging Draco on the front page in front of a restaurant with difficult to get reservations.”


“I wanted to make certain he knew he wasn’t some dirty little secret.  And fewer propositions and marriage proposals is a bonus.”  Harry grinned.


“You don’t still get those do you?”  Hermione sucked on her spoon and groaned.


“Once in a while.”


“So is it serious?  Do you think it could be serious?”


“For me it is.  It’s comfortable and unexpected and I can’t stop thinking about him.  You already know he’s smart and witty and he challenges me.  I challenge him too, I think. “


“So have you…you know?”


Harry pointed to her larger than normal belly. “I don’t ask if you…you know.”


Hermione laughed. Harry suddenly had a lapful of Rose.  Ron collected some spoons and a small footed glass bowl.  He scooped Rose’s ice cream into the dish and handed it to her with a spoon.


“So Malfoy, huh?”  Ron said between mouthfuls. “Should have known fourth year, fifth year, sixth year…”


“I’m inviting him to dinner at my house on Friday.” Harry feigned interest in his ice cream.


“Harry’s famous pasta seduction, right?”  Ron mumbled around his spoon.


“Shut up.”  Harry turned pink.



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