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Title: A Convenience
Characters or Pairing: Harry/Severus
Word Count: 240
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: unbeta'd, masturbation
Challenge: Day 1 Oral Sex, Weekly Challenge: This is lust not love…isn’t it?
Author's Notes: Hope to write a week's worth of drabbles based upon the weekly challenge using new daily challenges.

Harry pulled back, licking the tip of Severus' cock one last time before he wriggled up beside him. He could tell from Severus' measured breaths that he was on the verge of sleep.

His own swollen cock was untouched and he yearned for release. Normally, he'd shove Severus' shoulder and demand equal action, but there was something about Severus' content expression that made Harry pause.

He didn't want to wake him up. He honestly wanted Severus to get some much needed rest more than he wanted Severus to suck him off. Carefully, he reached down and started tugging his cock, rubbing his thumb over the slit. As he pumped his way to climax, he watched Severus sleeping in his bed, in his house—and Severus looked like he belonged, like a missing puzzle piece.

His balls drew up tight and just as his cock spilled all over his chest, he realized he wanted Severus with him all the time. Not just for sex. Not just to get off, but for Saturday afternoon reading and Thursday night telly too.

Harry grabbed his shirt and wiped away the mess. Tossing the shirt onto the floor, he tugged at the duvet and with a wave of a hand, he doused the lights.

Maybe if Severus slept over he'd know if their affair of convenience was turning into something more. He smiled into his pillow when Severus reached out and took his hand. Such a lazy faker.


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