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Title: A Convenience (Part 3)
Characters or Pairing: Harry/Severus
Word Count: 390
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Challenge: Day 4: tan lines, Weekly Challenge: This is lust not love…isn’t it?
Author's Notes: unbeta'd

"Do you know what I like most about you?"

"I await your wisdom with bated breath." Severus pulled his sunhat down over his face in a gesture that expressed just the opposite.

"You're a complete and utter prick." Harry smiled when Severus stiffened at the insult. If he kept up this behaviour, bedtime would be fantastic tonight.

"What a lovely sentiment. Perhaps you should disregard your plans of becoming the youngest Head Auror in Ministry history and take up a career writing greeting cards. You'd make all the ladies swoon."

"I'm not interested in ladies. I'm interested in blokes, as you well know."

"And you think that is the sort of statement—excuse me, courtship call that no man can resist?"

"Oh, I'm quite certain that many men could resist it, but you like it when I tell you the truth."

Severus chuckled. Harry could tell that he didn't want to give in and show his amusement. That was another thing Harry liked about Severus: He never thought he deserved his pleasures.

Harry knew about that. He knew what it was to live without for so long that any goodness seemed foreign like a gift that must have the wrong name on the tag.

Harry shifted on the sand and adjusted his swim shorts, trying to get as much flesh exposed to the sun as possible. Severus reached out a hand to stop him and said, "Don't." Then he cast a charm that kept Harry from being able to move the shorts at all.

"But I'll have really obvious tan lines,' Harry protested. "Even my low-cut denims will show it.

Severus sat up and gave Harry his professor look. "And?"

"I'll look ridiculous!"

"I'll like the way it looks."

Harry sat up and gaped at Severus. "Seriously? You think I'll look good with tan lines below my navel and then just above my knee… and all pale in between?

"Merlin, no." Severus paused to lie back down and get comfortable. "You'll look like as a Saddleback boar at a county fair."

"Severus, you bastard! You complete and utter prick!" Harry started trying to break the charm, but he had a feeling it was a Severus original and he'd never break it without Severus' help.

Severus smiled a genuine, content smile as he said, "Tsk, tsk, Potter. That's what you like most about me."


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